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entropy victim

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the retched retched being [Nov. 26th, 2003|11:31 pm]
entropy victim
ive known it all the time
i remember the early, early days of 1998
it was there then, thats why i hurt so much
some believe that this thing is in vain
but i know it is not
still i do not speak of it
the emotions leap from my chest
but my arms hold them back
they have done that for six long years
its not simple, its not that complex
i distracted myself with fun little games
and now those games are gone
i realized they were always just games
at least for them
six years and i never spoke a word
i just stood behind and caught the falling pieces
again and again
caught the falling glances, caught the falling moments
moments. .. ..
i miss them. . .
i miss all of it. ..
especially the feeling when i see the radiance.. .
come back. . . soon . ..